Extraordinary Experiences, Adventures of a Lifetime

Today more than ever before vacations are growing into extraordinary experiences that reach into deeply-rooted imaginations and personal goals. More travelers are using their time off to explore unknown territories and reach new summits- figuratively and literally.

Experiential Travel is about full-immersion. It is about a more emotional and personal travel experience. It’s checking off destinations and adventures on your bucket list. At TravelEra we specialize in developing custom travel plans and are ready to share some exclusive one-of-a-kind dream-fulfilling destinations and ideas with you.

“As technology evolves and networks grow in widening circles, there’s also a qualitative shift happening where it’s no longer just about trekking to Buddhist monasteries in Bhutan or sipping Malbec in Mendoza. It’s about how we experience those places viscerally, and how they change us when a monk or winemaker provides a new way to understand our world.”

Local Culture. Self Discovery. Authentic.

Perhaps your experiential travel idea is to take your family to village where your great grandparents owned a bakery to live amongst the townsfolk for a week. Maybe you’re interested in a personal journey to backpack to the summit of a mountain in Tibet where you engage the company and conversations of monks for several days. Perhaps your dream is to have a private shopper for the fashion houses in Milan. Maybe you’re thinking of taking your sales team on an African safari deep in the jungle where they will learn not only new team skills, but also live as the natives do to gain deeper cultural understandings for better communications. It’s our pleasure to put together a customized personalized experiential travel plan for you.