TravelEra is a full service travel agency that specializes in adventure travel and provides recreational and business travelers with professional service and consultation. TravelEra will position itself as a specialist in the field of adventure travel and will generate the majority of its income from this segment.

We’re Right-Sized: Big Enough Small Enough

TravelEra is recognized as one of the premier travel service providers of customized travel plans for both corporate and leisure travelers. We strive each day to back up that reputation with real results. We’re both big enough and small enough to help create and manage the highest quality travel experience.

We Know How

Over the past 40 years our team of professionals have perfected our customer experience and service strategies. We know how to pay attention to both Big Picture goals and the slightest details in order for each travel experience to go smoothly and exceed expectations. This all-encompassing travel service approach is hard to find today when most travel products are pre-packaged to a one-size-fits-all format.

We Know What To Do

Most travel experiences go smoothly, but when there’s a problem, we know what to do. Over the years we’ve helped traveling clients through major issues like severe weather, earthquakes, major accidents and illnesses, and political upheaval. We also know what to do if someone wants an unexpected detail change or to add something to their trip while they’re at a destination. That kind of experience combined with our global connections to travel and upscale customer service providers makes us both capable and reliable before, during and after a travel experience.

We Know You

Our clients tell us they are comfortable with us…that they trust us. We work hard every day to make certain their trust is never compromised. We strive to respond without delay and act with what seems to be the lost art of politeness. It is our pledge to provide “white-glove” service that is classic, courteous and incomparable. You can be assured that your plans are confidential so that you can confide all the important details necessary to create your personal, unique and complete travel plan. We are personally involved in making certain everything goes as planned. We’ll know your name and you’ll know ours.

We Know Travel

TravelEra is a full-service travel planning provider with a team that is experienced in all facets of what it takes to plan business trips and corporate events as well as luxury couple and family leisure vacations. We have earned exclusive access to vendors and contractors worldwide by building a network of trust through years of quality service. We feature the latest online and mobile-enabled information technologies. We are experts at matching the right travel solutions to your travel experience, personal style, special requests, destination preferences and budget expectations.

It’s all about using the kind of creative original ideas gained through years of experience that will save you time, save you trouble, and enhance the value of your travel investment.